Boundless Exteriors

Location, location, location. Your project site was chosen for a reason. Amplify it, with Guardian UltraClear® glass that presents views so pristine you’ll swear you’re still outside. Amid a bustling city center. Across a sweep of verdant valley. Life behind glass should be every bit as beautiful.


Make an Entrance

Create a powerful first impression with an UltraClear glass entranceway that blurs the boundaries between inside and out.

With a crystal clear view of the interior, the experience starts on the sidewalk. Catch the excitement as guests mingle in a crowded theater or a glittering hotel lobby. Feel the soothing vibe of a luxury spa before you step inside.


Command a View

When you use UltraClear glass to create a façade, you make a confident, modern statement to the world outside. Exterior walls virtually disappear, revealing your design at its most essential, and showing off interior color, movement and life.

Add SunGuard® low-E coatings to realize your design without compromising energy efficiency. Paired with the power of low-E, UltraClear glass maximizes daylight, views and a clean, clear aesthetic—while keeping solar heat at bay.


Special Feature

Feeling more expressive? When UltraClear glass is your foundation, back-painting, color laminated interlayers, reflective coatings and acid-etching shine through just as brilliant and true as you intended—without distortion or green coloration.


Illuminating Experience

A focal point. A gathering place. An atrium can be both and more. Choose UltraClear glass to build it with plenty of natural light and views that stimulate interest, awe and lively conversation. Made with UltraClear glass, your atrium has even more capacity to energize and inspire every person passing through.


Natural Advantage

Designed to illuminate a space with sunlight from above, a skylight made with UltraClear glass is your window of opportunity. Brilliantly clear, it transmits more light than standard glass, which could help enhance productivity, wellbeing and mood—and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting.

Related Solutions

That’s not all. Guardian UltraClear® glass combines with other Guardian SunGuard® products to create new aesthetic and performance possibilities for exterior glass. See the full portfolio of Guardian SunGuard exterior glass solutions.

Solar Protection

Combined with advanced SunGuard® low-E coatings, UltraClear glass dramatically increases light transmission without unwanted solar heat gain—for outstanding energy performance.

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