Amazing Interiors

Lighten Up

When it comes to walls and surfaces, there’s no need to be opaque. In fact, why not be fully transparent? When Guardian UltraClear® glass is incorporated into interior spaces, the boundaries seem to disappear. People see the light and each other. Design is distilled down to its essential elements. Nothing added—everything gained.


Energize the Office

Natural light can help people feel energized, productive and happy at work. UltraClear glass helps maximize this free, abundant asset in the office by letting light flow through walls, doors and partitions. With fewer visual boundaries, UltraClear glass helps teams stay in touch, build social bonds and clear the way for creativity and a vibrant work culture.

UltraClear glass also creates opportunities to add impact and style in the workplace. Without the dull green edge of standard glass, frameless enclosures, railings and staircases make a sleek statement.


Feel Better Soon

The healthcare experience can be stressful for patients and caregivers alike. And vast, traditional facilities with deep, dark corridors can make people feel even more uneasy. UltraClear glass can shed natural light on the situation, and in the process, help promote comfort and wellbeing.

Walls and partitions, entryways and staircases made with UltraClear glass don’t have a green tint. Healthcare spaces become bright and optimistic—ideal for healing


Made You Look

In retail settings, UltraClear glass ensures featured products are the main attraction. Display cases secure fine jewelry while showing off every sparkle to entice each passerby. On transparent shelves and tables, shoes and handbags seem to hover within reach. Every object becomes more eye-catching when viewed in its very best light.


A Clear Statement

Bright, modern and inviting. Can you ask for more in a luxury hotel or world-class entertainment venue? UltraClear glass can create a powerful first impression with an entryway that pulls people in, offering true-to-life glimpses of the magic inside. With UltraClear, grand glass staircases defy gravity and guests enjoy unobstructed views from inviting verandas.

In the hospitality business, it’s all about creating special moments, and UltraClear glass helps make sure you don’t miss a single one.


Always Clean and Bright

Is a bathroom dark, dank and cramped by definition? Absolutely not. UltraClear glass can create a space that feels clean, bright and open—inviting people to refresh and rejuvenate.

UltraClear glass can be used to create frameless shower enclosures that look like thin air and mirrors that reflect everyone’s best features. Need to add a little modesty? Combine with acid-etched glass to add privacy without compromising natural light.

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