Get the Iron Out

Standard glass includes iron, which gives it a green tint. Often, the larger and thicker the glass, the greener the tint. At the surface. Along the edge. And in views and objects on the other side.

Guardian UltraClear® glass has reduced iron content. The result is beautifully transparent.

Choose UltraClear glass to ensure that colors, textures and images shine through, true to life. Back-painted UltraClear glass renders colors beautifully, so what you see is what you planned.

Standard Clear Glass
Guardian UltraClear® Glass

Clear by Design

Iron oxide is a common ingredient in standard glass because it lowers temperatures during the manufacturing process. As a result, the glass carries a green tint. With recent advances in glassmaking the iron oxide content can be reduced—achieving stunningly clear glass that transmits abundant light.

Clear to the Edge

Frameless enclosures, surfaces, storefronts and shelving call for strikingly clear edges. The green cast of standard glass is typically amplified at the edge as size and thickness increases. UltraClear glass significantly reduces this effect for a clear, neutral finish no matter the dimensions of your application.

The Details

Clear, bright and boundless, UltraClear glass opens up bold new possibilities. Get it in thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm. Maximum size is 130" x 204". It can be processed like any conventional float glass, including lamination, painting, cutting, bending, silk screening and tempering.

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